Issues: When Christ & Politics Collide (2)

This Sunday I'm finishing up the two part sermon, "Issues."  I'm glad!  An attempt to tackle the ever complicated road of our role in the political kingdom and God's Kingdom is a tough one.  

Both candidates for President claim to be Christian, and both will offer solutions to problems Christians are concerned with.  However, neither will be all things to all people, and how could they?  I think it is interesting that the candidates will have to appeal to Christians, Atheists, Muslims, Jews (& more) in order to make it to the White House.  In other words, both candidates will have to attract the vote of groups whose beliefs are mutually exclusive.  

In studying for this series based on Romans 13: 1-7, I read a lot on Christianity, Religion, and Politics.  I dusted off a few of my "Culture Wars" type books and looked at the candidates' websites.  In the end, my favorite 3 resources are below.  I hope you'll find them helpful:


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