Halloween Plans, Travel, Cool Pumpkins

Halloween causes a stir in some church circles, but in most neighborhoods/communities it is so far removed from any real meaning that I don't have a problem looking forward to trick-or-treating tomorrow.

We'll celebrate at my parent's home in Greenville, and I hope their will be Hot Dogs and brownies.  Our tradition growing up was Hot Dogs, Brownies, and a Scary movie (if you count My Grandpa is a Vampire as scary).  And why do I always capitalize "Hot Dogs?"

One of my favorite blogs is Garr Reynolds' Presentation Zen, and he posted a link to Duarte's annual pumpkin carving contest.  It beats ExtremePumpkins.com any day.  Both pumpkin sites are "PG."   Presentation Zen is a great resource for any teacher or leader who includes multimedia or graphic design in their presentations-- it's had a big influence on our church bulletins, too.

We talked a little at Effingham Presbyterian about doing a fall festival this year, but it wasn't going to work logistically.  We'll do one next year for sure (or a trunk or treat), since 2009 will include regular community family events each season.  This Sunday we'll be have a baptism and spend some time learning how baptism ties in with our responsibilities to one another as a covenant family. I hope it will be a part of the foundation of reaching all generations for 2009. 


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