Col. Jack Ziegler/ Men of the Church

Tuesday night was a fantastic Men of the Church meeting.  It worked on a lot of levels since it provided:
  1. A guest speaker (Col. Jack Ziegler) who could uniquely relate to the questions on men's minds. 
  2. A gathering that would appeal to all men, not just those who were comfortable in church.
  3. The opportunity to help out and serve.  It wasn't planned "top-down." It was a grass roots effort with a long time friend of Effingham Church, so many were involved.
  4. 3 smoked hams from Jim Griffith and a visit from Marion Swink's vintage Army Jeep!
 Col. Ziegler spoke on the importance of mentoring, especially for young men.  He shared how several key men had influenced his life and talked about the challenges and success of today's Special Forces.   Several reasons he pointed out for mentoring:
  • Older men are often encouraged to leave the workplace, so young men no longer have their influence and wisdom available.
  • Multigenerational households (Uncles, Grandfathers, etc.) are a rarity.
  • Our culture devalues the influence of older people.
Col. Ziegler rightly pointed out that when we mentor to younger generations, we bless and we benefit. You can read more about Col. Ziegler's experiences here.


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