Public Problems

This week will be our final sermon in the series "Fighters & Forgivers." We'll talk a look at what Philippians has to say about having a big picture approach to communication, forgiveness, anger, and conflict.  

Until then, you may be interested in the topic of public problems.  Every church will eventually face them, whether they're big or little.  In fact, I can think of a few mistakes I've made at Effingham in our few months together.  

The folks at's "Swerve" blog had a whole series this week on what to do when leaders mess up.  It's good reading for anyone who's served as a leader in the church, whether as a Teacher, Elder, Deacon, Pastor, or just about anywhere else where the buck stops with you.

You can read more by clicking on the appropriate heading: "The Power of Truth," "Going Public With the Problem," "Owning your part of the problem," and more.


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