Leather Jackets, Fights, & Matthew 18

I'm no expert on physical altercations. The only fight I started was in 7th grade. A sixth grader got rubber cement on my sweet leather jacket, so I punched him in the forehead. I felt so bad about it later I called him at home to apologize.

This Sunday, we'll be studying Matthew 18, which offers some alternative approached to punching people in the forehead (which you should note, seems to hurt the puncher more than the punchee).

Until then, you can view this surreal clip from YouTube, which offers several ways to get out of headlocks, choke holds, etc. The instructor claims to have been involved in "over 1000 incidents" involving "...bats, cues, razor blades, wire, chairs, fire extinguishers and more..." I'm wondering if he should consider hanging out with different people.


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