Francis Schaeffer on Art

I can always count on the folks at Collide to find some interesting things.  This week, they've posted some brief excerpts from Francis Schaeffer's book, "Art and the Bible," previously out of print.  

My first encounter with Schaeffer was in high school.  My bible teacher showed us the "How Should We Then Live" video series.   Schaeffer's knickers and gotee got a few laughs, but he really challenged us on the nature of secular humanism and how Christians engage the culture around them.  

Any way, my favorite quote from the Collide site is this:

“Being in the image of the Creator, we are called upon to have creativity. In fact, it is part of the image of God to be creative, or to have creativity. We never find an animal, non-man, making a work of art. On the other hand, we never find men anywhere in the world or in any culture in the world who do not produce art. Creativity is a part of the distinction between man and the non-man. All people are to some degree creative. Creativity is intrinsic to our mannishness. (p. 34)”

Visit Collide to read more.


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