Beth Moore Clip: Living Forgiving

I hope Sunday was meaningful for you.  We began our series, "Fighters & Forgivers" by discussing the importance of treating others like they are created in the image of God (since they are--see Genesis 1:27).  This Truth has a significant impact on how we deal with conflict and seek to restore our relationships.  

I love it when what we study on Sunday is reiterated in something else during the week. People often share how a book they're reading, a situation at work, or a TV/radio show ties in with the Sunday message.

This week, someone sent me a link to this Beth Moore clip from last Wednesday. She talks about forgiveness, and has an interesting take on Peter's question to Jesus, "how many times should we forgive?"

Now the challenge for me is to prepare this week's message (which is on forgiveness of course) without stealing too many of Beth Moore's points.  If I share any stories on my formative years in Texas or how hair curlers relate to forgiveness, you'll know I've failed.


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