2008 EPC Retreat

It's Tuesday and I haven't posted on our church retreat at Bonclarken.  I have to admit I was pretty tired after getting back home.  I think I over-estimated my abilities to do the high ropes, paintball, hike, swim in DuPont forest, lead devotions, sing, and hang out with everyone all in the same weekend!  

The challenge of any "church" retreat is twofold: first it must truly be a church retreat and not a random trip by a few families.  Second, it must combine physical refreshment with spiritual refreshment.  If either of these qualities is missing, then a retreat is just another road-trip.

I think we succeeded on both accounts, but then again, I'm probably biased.  However, we had around 25 participants, (about 1/3 of our regular Sunday attendance) with teenagers, twentysomethings, thirtysomethings, boomers, and seniors.  If we can add toddlers to the mix next year, then we'll truly have a representative group.  Laura and I elected to leave Harrison with his grandparents this go-round.

During our time together, we studied the idea of living less for our own schedules and more for God's schedule.  Overall, I think everyone had a good time that suited their needs.  The entire group ate breakfast and supper together each day and chose their own activities for the in-between times. Some folks shopped in Flat Rock while others took advantage of the Bonclarken facilities.  We finished Sunday worshipping at the Bonclarken Chapel with Crowder's Creek ARP church and their new pastor, Ben Winguard.

Overall, it was a good trip that provided us with ideas for next year (things to keep, things to change, and things to add).  I'd like to see some more folks join us, since it is a cost-effective way (around $60 a night plus meals) for families to enjoy the last weekend before school starts.  You can view pictures here, with more to be added in the coming weeks.


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