Erwin McManus on Technology

Erwin McManus usually has something inspiring to say when it comes to church, creativity, and leadership (though I don't always agree with his Theology).  Collide had an interview with him today and thought his approach to technology was worth sharing,
“The human element is probably more of who we are,” he confesses. “We really think the most valuable resource a church has is the human resource, and to pull out the creative capacity in people is the most powerful thing you can do. Technology enhances that and technology is a medium that serves the giftedness inside of the people.”
As we continue our journey into the 21st century, the balance between what McManus calls the"human element" and technology will continue to be tricky. However, provided that we use technology to "pull out the creative capacity in people," as he states and not to replace the creative capacity of people, our relationships with one another (and with God) will flourish.


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