"Crossroads" Cookout tonight

Last night we enjoyed a fellowship cookout sponsored by the Elders at Effingham Presbyterian. Tonight Laura and I are hosting a cookout at our house for our college & career folks-- I'm calling it our "Crossroads"ministry since that's exactly where this generation is-- at the crossroads between adolescence, adulthood, career, and relationships.

I hope you'll be praying for this ministry and the generation it will be ministering to.  According to Barna research, only 33%-43% will be involved with a church this weekend. That's about 20% less than their grandparents.  

Here's how you can pray about tonight:
  • That all who attend will be sensitive to God's presence.
  • That God will give us wisdom in how to nurture this age group.
  • That we will all be inspired to build a ministry that is meaningful and purposeful to help this group grow to be more like Christ.
  • That we'll have a good time!
The point of tonight will be twofold.  First, to determine how our church can make a difference in the lives of this generation.  Second, to figure out how this generation can make a difference in the life of our community.

From there, who knows?


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