Wedding in Chapel Hill

We had a good trip to Chapel Hill on Friday and Saturday. After a lunch with Effingham's Sweet Agers at Quincy's, we hit the road. It worked out well since "the Big Q in the sky" is right off of I-95. Wait, you do remember that vintage jingle, right? I have a large library of TV commercial theme songs in my head that appear at the most inopportune times, and Quincy's is one. Highlights of the trip included:
  • Hearing Rev. John Kimmons preside over the ceremony. Even when he's talking about what he ate for lunch, he's inspiring and encouraging.
  • Playing Disc Golf for the first time. It was a lot of fun, and more churches should install such facilities at their grounds.
  • Seeing my buddy Barron marry a wonderful companion. He and Karen will make a great team for the Kingdom.


  1. I have no problem considering the Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Resource Center a roadside attraction.

    And I think you're definitely onto something with disc golf facilities on church grounds. Definitely.


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