Random Tuesday Post

We're in the midst of Vacation Bible School here at Effingham. I'm not sure who's having more fun-- the adults or the kids. Life is a little busy this week as I'm catching up on visits and preparing for our new sermon series. Today's post is just a few links you might enjoy.
  • I made reference to Rich Mullins concert I attended in 1995 in our last sermon on Foundations. I was surprised to find an archived chat from that same day here. He died tragically a few years later.
  • I'll be going to Chapel Hill this Friday/Saturday to sing and be a groomsmen at my buddy's wedding. His dad will be one of the elder representatives at my installation service on June 29th. Here's a video of the song I'll be singing, written by Noel "Paul" Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary.

  • Speaking of tuxedos, there's been news lately that the necktie is dead. I actually enjoy them when I have a good reason to wear one. I guess you better stock up, though! The photo above is courtesy of Mr. A's World of Tacky Ties.
  • Finally, our Web Team is off to a start (sort of). We'll be meeting the first week of July and their first assignment is to review some top church websites to get design ideas. Why don't you let them know what you like?


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