A surprising number of folks have commented on something I said in my sermon a couple of weeks ago. No, not Christ's teaching on reaching the "ends of the earth" or worshiping God in the "kitchen and workplace and in the streets." It was a passing reference I made to putting wallpaper up on the ceiling of our kitchen as part of our continuing home improvement adventure. Hey, at least folks are remembering something. Well, I finished up painting it this morning, and I thought I'd post a picture for you before heading to the church. You can click on the picture above for a larger version.

PS Look forward to seeing you tonight at our fellowship meal. We'll be doing some songs together and (hopefully) hearing a guest speaker on medical ethics-- there may be a scheduling problem with the hospital.


  1. Brian,

    The wallpaper, paint, trim and lighting look gorgeous! I can't imagine what my ceiling would look like if I tried to wallpaper it. You are another Michelangello!


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