ARP General Synod at Bonclarken (2)

I made the comment yesterday about things moving smoothly and few controversies popping up. Today was a surprise. Although most of the motions listed in our written information were fairly standard, here are a few of the interesting topics that came up:

-For ordination, should ministers be required to affirm the innerancy of Scripture in addition to their current affirmation of its infallibility?
-After many years of having a single candidate for moderator, this year we had two to choose from. Both would have been great as moderator (Dr. John de Witt. was voted in).
-Should it be required that motions of "importance" be submitted in writing before the meeting of Synod, or should they be allowed to be submitted (verbally) on the floor?

I was amazed that we ended when we did (4pm) considering the length at which we discussed some of the issues. In spite of the heated nature of a few of the debates, the proceedings were characterized by dignity and decorum.

Overall, it was a great trip to Synod. Effingham's elder representative, Jimmy Mclaughlin, took us to a great sandwich place in Hendersonville for lunch before heading home after this afternoon's session. Tonight, we have one more evening here in Flat Rock, so my mom and dad came up from Greenville to visit and have supper with Harrison. Tomorrow, we'll be headed back to Florence and Effingham to get set-up for Outrigger Island. See you soon!


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