What a mess!

I've talked a little bit about our home improvement project from the pulpit-- as we build a healthy foundation with our church family at Effingham Presbyterian, we're also trying to have a healthy foundation here at home before the big move-in day on May 24th. That means trying to finish up sanding, sheetrock, etc. before then. Here's a picture of our progress- if you can call it that! You can click the picture for larger version.

From Left to Right:
-Beadboard is being added to the wall up to 4' high to cover up the sheetrock destroyed as we removed wallpaper. The previous owners (back in 1985) put wallpaper on bare sheetrock. When we removed the wallpaper, it removed the top layer of wallboard, too.
-White carnations (handed out at church on Mother's Day) provide a feminine touch, as does fresh basil from a family at Effingham.
-The Sanyo boombox has seen countless home improvement projects dating back to when I was growing up. A coat hanger serves as an antenna. It picks up country and classic rock just fine.
-Note the ceiling: scraping the popcorn off took my dad and me 2 days. It had to be done (but I would never do it again).
-You can see various stages of the rest of the project (burgundy wallpaper, spackled walls, and a test patch of green paint) in the rest of the picture.

When all is said and done, the kitchen will have a new tin-look ceiling, cream cabinets and trim, and light green walls. Until then, it's just a big mess!


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