Indy, Home Depot, & a New Sermon Series

I hope everyone had a restful and reflective Memorial Day weekend.  We have much to be thankful for in the US, and we owe a lot to those who've given their lives for our freedom.

Laura and I spent a lot of time this weekend getting moved in.  Thanks to our friends at Living Waters and Effingham Presbyterian, the move was fast and manageable.  We had plenty of help and a ton of delicious food as well (I'm still enjoying leftovers).  An unexpected blessing was having folks help with organizing furniture and assembling beds.  We had expected to do that ourselves, but having it taken care of by our Effingham family was a huge help.

Laura had the day off on Monday. We spent some family time around town and hung out with Harrison.  He was eager to explore his new neighborhood so we went on several walks and met some new families, too. After they left that afternoon I did some yardwork and then headed off to catch Indiana Jones IV.  It brought back a lot of memories, including the bullwhip I saved up for when I was a kid.  Being Indy in the backyard was a lot of fun and resulted in a really cool cut on my ear.  It was fun to brag about at school--- "It's from a bullwhip, man.."

The movie theater is across the street from Home Depot, so naturally I went by there as well.  About 10 minutes into it, I thought to myself  "why am I here?" I really didn't need anything, though I can always find something I like.  It got me thinking about life and ministry and how we often go through the motions of both without any clear purpose.  We'll be discussing this in the coming weeks at Effingham with a new sermon series on prayer that will begin after Outrigger Island in June.  I'll look forward to telling you more about it later.


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