Count Your Blessings

You know that song, "Count Your Blessings?" It's in our Celebration Hymnal here at Effingham Presbyterian. Any way, here's a list of blessings we can count together as we look back on last week.
  1. A great meeting last Wednesday to discuss a yet-to-be-named ministry thing that will be a great opportunity for our community to connect with Jesus Christ on Wednesday nights. It will be distinct from Sunday School, Sunday morning worship, or even Bible-Study. I'm excited to see what God can do through the good folks at Effingham.
  2. A good Sunday morning worship time. I really loved that last chord on People Need the Lord. Everyone was in perfect harmony. Regarding the sermon, be sure to keep in mind how you can continue to bring the sacrifice of praise to your friends and neighbors throughout the week. We can only do it through Him.
  3. A fun VBS meeting. I went by Wal-Mart and picked up a Hawaiian Shirt, so I'm ready to go for Outrigger Island. Be sure to give Billy Hunt a call if you can help get our church ready for the guests that will be coming through as part of VBS in June.
  4. A dedicated Diaconate. I sat in on the deacons meeting Sunday afternoon, and was really impressed with how dedicated this group is. They're ready to tackle anything. They'll be sponsoring a clean-up day after VBS.
  5. A humble Session. We had our first session meeting Sunday night, and it was clear that these men love the people of the church and the community of Effingham. We're going to be reviewing the zone ministry and renewing our commitment to keeping in touch with every member of EPC.
Well, that's probably enough for now. I'm off to (can you guess?) do more work on our house! The big move day is this Saturday, so I've got some painting to finish up before all of the boxes and furniture arrive. If you're available to help, you can call Jimmy Mclaughlin and he'll add you to the list for Saturday afternoon.


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