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"Why do some Old Testament sacrifices ask for female animals and others ask for male?"

Q: In our Bible Study, we were looking at different Old Testament passages about sin offerings. Is there a reason why some ask for a female sheep or goat and others ask for a male? Does this have anything to do with Adams and Eve? Sin offerings vs. purifying offerings? A: Interesting question! One could spend a lifetime studying the ins and outs of Old Testament sacrifices. As far as I can tell, the reasoning for male vs female sacrifices was for practical reasons in Leviticus and symbolic reasons in Exodus: In Leviticus, the various sacrifices are based on stature, with a bull being the most valuable and a female lamb being the least. In short, if a person could only afford a female goat or lamb, then they could still be accommodated. So, in descending order, The Anointed Priests sacrifice a bull for themselves (4:3) Leaders must have a goat sacrificed (4:23) "Common people" can have a female goat (4:28) or female lamb (4:32). In Exodus 12:3-13 the male lamb (or goat, 12:5)

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